Historic and Elegant Charleston: Why you should Visit Charleston, SC

Everyone wants to travel to places where they can find what they love most. There are places you’ll go when you want to explore nature and wildlife while there are other destinations where you go to explore the American history. If you’re a history enthusiast, Charleston should come top on your travel list this year. This is one of the most lovely and interesting destinations in the United States. Travelers from across the country and the world travel to this historic city to learn about its storied past while enjoying the Southern charm, stylish elegance and exception food.

Whether you’re coming to spend a couple of weeks in Charleston or you just have a few days, you’ll find inspiration in the amount of time you’re in this city. It’s time you traveled back in time by spending some time in Charleston. Here are some of the historical attractions in Charleston, SC.

Charles Towne Landing

For historians, this is one of those locations you must have come across in your research or study. Probably you haven’t been to this site in person. Charles Towne Landing is a 664-acre park that offers a living history lesson as well as beautiful natural surroundings for visitors and residents. The park is set in the same place where the first European settlers in Carolina made their home back in 1670. There’s more to do here apart from just exploring history. If you’re coming with your kids, there’s a natural habitat zoo where you’ll explore a replica sailing ship, a replica common house, and the area wildlife that was encountered by the early colonial settlers. Other things here include biking trails, hiking trails, picnic areas, and plant life.

Fort Sumter National Monument

You’ve probably read about this famous site and its role during the American Civil War. It’s time you visited the location and learned more. Fort Sumter served as a stronghold during the Civil War. You can access the site by water. Don’t forget to visit Fort Moultrie as well.

Boone Hall Plantation

Why not have a self-guided tour through the extensive gardens featuring live oak trees and other plantations here. Boone Hall Plantation is home to one of the oldest living and working plantations in the United States. The plantations here are among the most famous in the Southeastern United States. Established in 1681, the plantations are set on seven hundred and eighty-three acres of land and feature old slave cabins and historic buildings.

Angel Oak

Believed to be more than one thousand five hundred years old, the angel oak is a massive live oak that has managed to survive many earthquakes and hurricanes over the decades. The oak stretches to about sixty-five feet high and has a trunk of about twenty-five feet in circumference. It’s even more surprising that it provides share over about seventeen thousand square feet. The oak is not only a truly beautiful piece of the city’s natural history but also believed to be the oldest plant and animal on this side of the Rocky Mountains. Remember you’re exploring history, aren’t you?

Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon

Chances are you’ve heard about this historical landmark and how it’s believed to be home to countless legends and ghosts. If you want to learn about the region’s pirates, tales about African slaves, elegant southern ladies, and city patriots, this is the place to go. You also get to explore the elegant Palladian exchange. In fact, the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon are considered one of America’s most historically significant structures. Thanks to Savannah Dental Group (Dentist Savannah GA) for help with the article.